Project Financing

When real estate prices exceed the cost of new construction, building from the ground up can be the right way to go. We can assist you in sourcing the funding and completing your team for successful new development.


Land Acquisition and Development Loans

It begins with the right parcel

You need development funds to acquire property and to coordinate the steps for approval including environmental impact reviews, city permits, surveyors, utility connections, and other projects. Once construction-ready, you can sell the property at a profit, or move on to construction.
Construction Loans

Build from the ground up

Construction loans help manage contingencies. During the application process, you’ll present project milestones to your lender. As construction reaches each milestone, the lender will release a predetermined portion of the loan funds, allowing you to move to the next phase. This protects you from getting to the end and finding work did not meet specifications.
Investment Properties

Generate cash flow

Purchase single and multi-family residential properties, office buildings, manufacturing space, and hospitality centers for the purpose of letting space. Gain the benefits of cash flow while seeing appreciation over time.
Fix-and-Flip Loans

Buy, refurbish, and sell

Purchase buildings for renovation to gain access to an entirely new stream of revenue. Our network can facilitate the financing you need through “fix-and-flip” loans. Beat the competition to great bargains in the market in both the residential and commercial real estate markets.


Financing your acquisition and development projects can yield many benefits. With our help, you can:

Rapidly boost your ability to buy and develop land

Avoid major financial setbacks due to delayed and canceled projects

Roll over your construction loan into a permanent loan

Fund the purchase of profitable investment properties

We’ve given a few examples of the most popular types of loans that bring cash into your business quickly.

There is always more to learn.

How big should my down payment be for a construction loan?
Generally, our financial partners require a 20% to 25% down payment. The final number, however, varies by situation and by the lender. The larger your down payment, the better your chances of approval, and the lower your interest rate will be.
What is the average interest rate on a construction loan?
Most lenders charge rates between 5% and 10%. Small Business Administration backed loans can be less than 3% through their SBA 504 Loan Program.
Are commercial interest rates higher than residential rates?
Yes. Since commercial projects entail more risks, lenders usually require higher interest rates, to compensate for the potential of financial loss.
What does it mean for a building to be “owner-occupied”?
An owner-occupied or “owner-operated” building is a facility used primarily by the owner. An owner must occupy at least 51% of the property’s space for it to be considered “owner-occupied”.
What can be classified as an “investment property”?
Although every real estate purchase is an investment, not every purchase counts as an “investment property”. These properties focus solely on providing income to their owners (usually through a regular rental payment), as opposed to housing their owners’ businesses. Typical investment properties include things like rental homes, apartment complexes, shopping malls, and hotel buildings.

Here's How To Get Started

Complete a Short Questionnaire

The information you provide will help us begin creating a plan for where you want to go.  As we learn more about you, we’ll customize and adapt our solutions for your true needs.

Have an In-Depth Conversation with our Team

After reviewing the information, we’ll set up a conversation to understand your business more thoroughly.  With the full picture of you and your business, we will work with our network to generate offers and showcase the best solutions to you. 

Submit an Application

Our team will answer any questions you may have to this point.  When you are content with the answers and information, we’ll help navigate you through the loan application process. Take Advantage of Continual Support. Things change.  We get it. Our lending professionals and brokers will stand by to provide further advice or answer questions as needed, even after the initial application is complete. 

What is the working capital ratio?

If you don’t have enough money to pay employees and keep the lights on, then the value of your long-term assets matters very little. That money, used for almost all daily expenses is referred to as working capital. Most businesses try to maintain a working capital ratio between 1.5 and 2.0. If you’re not sure what your ratio is, simply divide your firm’s annual liquid assets by its annual short-term expenses. The result is your working capital ratio.

Is working capital financing right for my firm?

If you are looking to make a large investment or a long-term purchase, it is usually better to focus on certain tools (like a real-estate loan).  Working capital loans are usually better for short-term situations and boosting operational cash. If you are not in a rush for funds, other financing tools may be better for you, as working capital financing often comes with higher interest rates.

Will a factor impact my client relationships?
While not all factors interact with your clients in the same way, most clients won’t notice when you use a factor. In most situations, a simple notice of where to send payment is the only contact the client receives.
Are Hard Money Loans a safe option?
When you work with our network, you can rest assured that each lender has been thoroughly vetted, is licensed, and bears a reputation for integrity. All of our partners adhere to local and national laws and policies and meet established standards for credibility and trustworthiness. Additionally, if a Hard Money Loan is not the right tool for your business, our partners will tell you upfront and help you find a more appropriate financial solution. We are transparent with our terms and conditions and will answer any questions your team has. We want your business to feel safe and comfortable in its decision to work with us.