Equipment Financing

Equipment loans grant you the cash you need to upgrade equipment, expand production, and to access the data necessary to make sound operational decisions. Financing allows you to purchase equipment in smaller, more manageable payments so as not to tie up working capital with a lump-sum payment.


Equipment Loans

Get what you need

An equipment loan can help you quickly make a high-value investment. Funds can be applied to purchase a broad range of assets, including cutting-edge software, farm equipment, industrial machines, and even server farms and supercomputers.
Equipment Lease

Avoid the cost of ownership

If you need to work with equipment that becomes obsolete quickly or requires frequent maintenance, leasing the asset is often a smart option. A lease arrangement allows you to distribute your equipment cost and helps you avoid major reinvestment expenses every few years. Leasing also allows you to avoid the cost of repairing, maintaining, and upgrading the equipment, per the lease terms.
Hard Money Loans

Recapitalize equipment

Unable to secure a loan from a traditional institution? Think about taking out a hard money loan instead. By leveraging assets like machinery and property, you can quickly increase your cash supply and strengthen your purchasing power. Additionally, such loans allow you to avoid an emphasis on credit history since lenders will focus on the value of your collateralized equipment instead. Hard money loans are also processed very quickly, often within 48 hours.

Gain cash, maintain production

Did you know that you can continue using assets for your business, even after selling them? By entering into a Sale-Leaseback Agreement, you can receive time-critical funds for your equipment without losing that equipment for your use. This type of agreement can be used for everything from heavy machinery to new technology.


Financing your equipment acquisition is a smart tactic that gives you access to multiple benefits. With our help, you can:

Quickly receive money for critical purchases

Reduce the size of your purchase into monthly payments

Avoid frequent maintenance and obsoletion costs

Turn your equipment into flexible cash assets

We’ve given a few examples of the most popular types of loans that bring cash into your business quickly.

There is always more to learn.

Is leasing better than purchasing?
Your loan shouldn’t last longer than the life of your purchased equipment. If you find this to be the case, then a short-term leasing option is for you. Otherwise, the possibility of lower interest rates makes better sense for an asset that will last for a long time.
Do I have to choose between operational cash and valuable equipment?
No, you can still get the cash you need and keep your equipment by entering into a sale-leaseback agreement. This option will quickly boost your cash reserves while letting you keep your equipment for a specified period of time. Additionally, you can repurchase your equipment at the end of the lease, if desired.
Do I need a good credit score to get an equipment loan?
While many lenders still rely heavily on credit scores, taking out a hard money loan can help you offset a poor credit history. Hard money loans focus on the value of the collateral offered up for security and emphasize that over the credit review results. Additionally, you can strengthen your loan application by increasing the size of your intended down payment.
Are there good tools for small businesses?
The Small Business Administration provides great options for equipment loans through their 504 and 7(a) loan programs. Both financing programs include asset and equipment purchases as one of their approved uses.

Here's How To Get Started

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Our team will answer any questions you may have to this point.  When you are content with the answers and information, we’ll help navigate you through the loan application process. Take Advantage of Continual Support. Things change.  We get it. Our lending professionals and brokers will stand by to provide further advice or answer questions as needed, even after the initial application is complete. 

What is the working capital ratio?

If you don’t have enough money to pay employees and keep the lights on, then the value of your long-term assets matters very little. That money, used for almost all daily expenses is referred to as working capital. Most businesses try to maintain a working capital ratio between 1.5 and 2.0. If you’re not sure what your ratio is, simply divide your firm’s annual liquid assets by its annual short-term expenses. The result is your working capital ratio.

Is working capital financing right for my firm?

If you are looking to make a large investment or a long-term purchase, it is usually better to focus on certain tools (like a real-estate loan).  Working capital loans are usually better for short-term situations and boosting operational cash. If you are not in a rush for funds, other financing tools may be better for you, as working capital financing often comes with higher interest rates.

Will a factor impact my client relationships?
While not all factors interact with your clients in the same way, most clients won’t notice when you use a factor. In most situations, a simple notice of where to send payment is the only contact the client receives.
Are Hard Money Loans a safe option?
When you work with our network, you can rest assured that each lender has been thoroughly vetted, is licensed, and bears a reputation for integrity. All of our partners adhere to local and national laws and policies and meet established standards for credibility and trustworthiness. Additionally, if a Hard Money Loan is not the right tool for your business, our partners will tell you upfront and help you find a more appropriate financial solution. We are transparent with our terms and conditions and will answer any questions your team has. We want your business to feel safe and comfortable in its decision to work with us.