Get Cash Quickly

When you don’t have time to wait around for a traditional bank to process your loan application, use one of our quick cash solutions.

Traditional banking is full of rules and restrictions that slow down the application process. It can take weeks or even months to be approved. In the meantime, opportunities can pass you by.


Working Capital Loans

Quickly acquire cash that can be used for all kinds of operational expenses.

With a working capital loan, you can use the funds in any part of your business they’re needed. That means you can hire new personnel, launch a marketing campaign, order supplies, or upgrade your office the way you want.

SBA 7(a) loans, working capital lines of credit, factoring, and refinancing are all working capital solutions that you can put to work for your business. Your broker will help you pick the best option and navigate the application process.

Along the way, we can answer any questions you may have with clear, easy-to-understand answers. There’s no pressure to sign any agreement you don’t have full confidence in.

Hard Money Loans

Secure cash for business expenses by leveraging your equipment, machines, and other assets.

Hard money loans let you utilize your business’s existing assets to secure funding for a wide range of expenses. If you have real estate but not enough liquid assets, you can use that property to get a hard money loan. Do you use heavy-duty equipment in your business? That can be leveraged too!

A hard money loan uses the value of your business assets as security on the loan. Because these loans are asset-based, you may qualify even if your credit isn’t spotless. That also speeds up the approval process so you can have cash in hand when you need it.


Instead of relying on income from delayed invoices, sell your ledger of receivables to a trusted company.

Are you having trouble meeting your business’s financial obligations because you’re waiting on client payments? Some industry standards give clients 30, 60, or even 90 days to satisfy their invoices. Meanwhile, the business needs capital for new supplies, inventory, and wages.

Factoring lets you get advance cash on what your clients owe. When the client is ready to pay, they send payment to the factoring firm. The factor charges a small fee and forwards any remainder back to you. If you have invoices, purchase orders, or contracts, factoring can work for you.


Receive a large upfront payment for your equipment while being allowed to continue using it.

Do you need fast cash but can’t leverage real estate? If your business uses construction, high tech, or industrial equipment, you can sell that equipment to a lessor. The equipment will stay where it is and you can continue to use it.

The lessor gives you a lump sum for the value of the equipment up front. Then, you send small monthly payments to repay the loan. At the end of the lease, you may renew, buy back, or hand the equipment over. Commercial ovens, printing presses, high-tech software, and vehicles are just a few examples of equipment that qualifies.


Get Cash Quickly

Get approved in a fraction of the time

Whether you want to expand your real estate assets, upgrade your equipment, or boost working capital, we can help.

Low credit scores are no problem

We leverage our lender relationships to help you find unique financial solutions for any situation.

Improve cash flow

Unlike banks and credit unions, we can process your application quickly, sometimes in as little as 24 hours.

Use funds as needed

Growth rarely exists without change. Our financial solutions are made to be flexible and adaptable to change with your business.

We’ve given a few examples of the most popular types of loans that bring cash into your business quickly.

There is always more to learn.

Can I factor more than one invoice?
Yes. With factoring, you can group invoices into batches or use one larger invoice. This is essentially the sale of an asset, not a loan. Your factor may have specific requirements.
What is the minimum credit score required to qualify for a hard money loan?
Since hard money loans are asset-based, lenders don’t focus on credit scores to make a decision. The value of the asset is what determines how much your business qualifies for.
Do I have enough working capital?
Although a business might be wealthy in assets, it can still fail if it doesn’t have enough working capital. Working capital is liquid funds your business uses to pay utilities, rent, payroll, and purchase materials. To find out if you have enough, take your business’s liquid assets for the year and divide them by your expenses for the same year. In most industries, a result of 2 is optimal.
What terms can I expect from a hard money loan?
Hard money loans are typically short-term financial solutions. Most last between 3 months and 3 years. You should only consider a hard money loan if you’re confident you can pay the loan back in time. If you have questions about individual loan terms, contact one of our brokers today.

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Our team will answer any questions you may have to this point.  When you are content with the answers and information, we’ll help navigate you through the loan application process. Take Advantage of Continual Support. Things change.  We get it. Our lending professionals and brokers will stand by to provide further advice or answer questions as needed, even after the initial application is complete.